Ear Care

Wax buildup causes hearing loss, dizziness and discomfort for a large number of people leading to much distress. It can be more difficult as often wax removal is not offered by NHS GP practices – and when it is there is usually a long wait.


Our specially trained nurse at the clinic offers ear irrigation (formerly known as ear syringing) to our Private clients in our Healthcare Inspectorate Wales Regulated premises in the heart of Wrexham. 

​With easy parking access and pleasant surroundings our clinic, Freyja GP will welcome you and put you at ease. 

Frequently asked questions:

  • ​​Do I need to do any preparation prior to the treatment?
    • ​Yes, when you book your appointment we will send a pre-treatment advice sheet out to you via email or letter advising you on how best to prepare for your treatment.
  • ​Why do I need to remove ear wax?
    • ​You only need to remove ear wax if it is causing problems, such as affecting hearing or causing discomfort. Ear wax is a naturally occurring substance in the ear which helps to protect the canal.​


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