Health Screening

Freyja GP Health Screening service is based on the principle that prevention is better than cure. By using the Well Person Health Screening to identify any potential risks or problems, we can work together to develop simple strategies to address these and help you maintain your physical and mental well being.


Our fully confidential Health Screening programmes are undertaken by experienced GPs and we offer Health Screening services tailored to your specific requirements – anything from a general check up to a full health screen.

All of our health checks at Freyja GP are 100% doctor led. This means we are able to fully tailor our health checks to your needs, giving you the answers and information you need.
The benefit of having a fully doctor led service is that we are able to see the health check from start to finish helping to reassure and inform you of all the information you need to make the right decisions and fully understand the results.​

Health Screening Medicals are an excellent way of having a clear picture of your current health, and can be very reassuring.  Areas of potential concern can be highlighted and addressed before they cause health issues in the future.


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